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Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC) – Page 6 – Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC)

A Current Licence and Insurance is Mandatory for All Vehicles on Savary Island

The RCMP has reminded the Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC) that officers will be on Savary Island during the summer months and that the law will be enforced on the island as it is on the mainland.  They have made it clear that obtaining a current licence and insurance is mandatory for all vehicles, including golf carts and UTVs. Golf carts are legal on Savary Island but are subject to special restrictions and these limitations and conditions will be enforced by the RCMP (e.g. must have an operation permit, daylight hours only, drivers must have a driver’s licence, must have insurance).  If you are concerned about the regulations governing the use of any type of vehicle on Savary Island you can contact the Powell River RCMP.  The alternative is having the rules explained by the officer while he/she writes a ticket.

Savary Island Wharf Mooring Exclusion Zone

Following up on the concerns of the Association of Savary Island Commttee (ASIC)  members and First Responders at the 2018 ASIC AGM regarding nighttime emergency boat access to the Savary Island wharf and dock, the qRD has contacted the Canadian Hydrographic Service (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) to get authorization to prohibit anchorage in the area directly in front of the Savary Island wharf, as it should be kept clear of moorings so that all boats have safe and clear passage to the wharf.

Public Use of the Savary Island Conservation Area

A number of the Association of Savary Island Committee (ASIC) members have been asking about what’s now allowed on the Nature Trust land since they took ownership of District Lots 1375, 35 and 36 on Savary Island. We anticipate that signage will be going up throughout the property in the near future, and according to the latest Savary Island Lands Trust (SILT) newsletter, the Nature Trust of BC intends to begin the management planning process for the Savary Island Conservation Area in 2020. But for 2019, Interim Guidelines are in place for public access to these conservation lands. The public is welcome to enjoy the property for hiking and nature appreciation, but asked to please adhere to the following: No Camping, No Fires, No Motorized Vehicles.

New Savary Island Outdoor Fire Bylaw Details

The new Savary Island Fire Bylaw was adopted on June 27, 2019. It allows everyone to better anticipate burning restrictions, as well as reduce the risk of wildfire in the hot dry peak of summer. Here are some of the key revisions to the old bylaw:

    • A maximum penalty of $2,000 for violating any provision in the bylaw.
    • Burn piles (i.e. backyard burns, contractor burns) will be prohibited during the months of June, July, August, and September.
    • Campfires will be prohibited during the months of July, August, and September.
    • Fire Chief can announce prohibitions at any other time of year if necessary.
    • Fire Chief can prohibit high-risk activities if conditions warrant it.
    • High-risk activities are clearly identified in the proposed bylaw.

It is hoped that this bylaw will reduce the fire callouts that still occur every summer on Savary Island. These 9-1-1 callouts require that the Savary Island Volunteer Fire Department (SIVFD) attend and extinguish outdoor fires, incur costs to the department, and put Savary Island at risk of costly and potentially dangerous wildfires. Download the Savary Island Outdoor Fire Control Bylaw No. 549 here: Savary Island Fire Bylaw No. 549

For further information contact Ryan Thoms, qRD Manager of Emergency Services, at