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Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC) – Page 2 – Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC)

Visitor Stewardship Advisory Committee (VSAC)

VSAC will be issuing a comprehensive survey to all property owners and as many visitors as we can reach in mid august. Please participate and complete the survey as it is critical to understanding visitor usage of island resources . Once the survey is complete we will prepare a report for the qRD in advance of the OCP review.

Whales & Waves

Whales and Waves is a non-profit initiative that aims to raise awareness around marine mammal regulations and best practises in the region around Desolation Sound. you can find them at the Tuesday Farmers Market. Click here for more details:

Savary Island Residents Association

ASIC Fund Raising Activity

We continue to focus on fund raising over the summer months as we aim to meet our financial objectives for continued operations and initiative funding. We are happy to announce we are well on our way to meeting those objectives. ASIC received $1,100 in net proceeds from the Larry Vollans concert (thanks to Larry and Glen Moore for hosting) and we received $200 in donations – $100 from Margaret hosting the AGM Lunch and $100 from Pascal (just an all round nice guy!).

Merchandise sales have been strong and successful. We still have limited quantities of Beach Towels ($40), Flags ($20), Sunny, Sandy, Savary Book – Savary history from 1792 – 1992 by Ian Kennedy ($20), and Rain umbrellas ($45).

You can order any of the above via email to ASIC or you can visit us at the Tuesday Farmers Market. ASIC has received the use of a Square terminal and can now take payment in Cash , etransfer to, or by debit card or credit card.

AGM 2023 Details

We hope you can attend the ASIC AGM, which will be held at the Hacienda on Saturday , July 8th between 10:00 am to Noon. Please arrive 20 minutes early to check in and register.The AGM will be followed by an afternoon lunch hosted by Margaret Hunt. Margaret will be offering a delicious beef dip and Ceasar salad for $20 of which $5 of every lunch sold will be donated to ASIC. Later that evening we will be hosting  an evening concert featuring Savary Island’s very own and talented Larry Vollans at the Hacienda. Tickets are $20 and net proceeds will be for the benefit of ASIC. Tickets can be purchased by email to or at the Savary Island General Store.

And we have door prizes…come see some of our new summer merchandise and enter a chance to win!

AGM Agenda

      1. Call to Order
      2. Introductions
      3. Approve the Draft Agenda
      4. Approve the 2021 Minutes
      5. Directors’ Report
      6. Discussion on new initiatives
      7. Financial Report
      8. Address from qRD Area A Regional Director
      9. Additional Comments and questions
      10. Termination

Directors Report , Financial Report, and the Draft 2021 AGM Minutes
Please use the following links to three documents for you to read prior to the AGM.

Director’s Report – summary of current year activities and updates on ongoing initiatives.

Financial Report – snapshot of the ASIC bank account as of March 31, 2023.

Draft 201 AGM Minutes

Hope to see you on July 8th!

Roads Committee Update

The Roads Committee met recently to discuss near term priorities. Road maintenance and Dust control are perennial topics on Savary Island. The current committee will concentrate efforts on Dust control in the near term , with a focus on application and the impacts on Health and Safety. We will continue to advocate with MOTI and the highways contractor for improved contract performance. We continue to pressure the qRD to install a traffic counter to update our usage data, and while progress is slow, we are making some head way to get this started.

New DFO Regulations for Prawn and Crab Trap Floats

The DFO introduced new regulations and requirments for prawn and crab trap floats  that came into effect by condition of license on April 1, 2023:

Crab Traps – Floats attached to crab traps must be bullet shaped cylindrical floats and a minimum of 27cm in length and 12 cm in diameter .

Prawn and Shrimp Traps – Floats attached to prawn and shrimp traps must be round (spherical) in shape and minimum of 27cm in diameter.

Visit :Fisheries and Oceans Canada | Fishery