Time for Savary Island Calendar Photographs

Do you have a favourite Savary photo you would like to have printed in ASIC’s 2020-2021 fund-raising calendar?  Every year ASIC selects 13 Savary shots for the 12 months and cover of our calendar that starts and ends in summer, and awards a calendar for each chosen photo.  Please send us your large picture files, minimum 1920 pixels wide, in horizontal (landscape) format, keeping each e-mail to a maximum size of 10MB to make sure they are deliverable.  Photos that do not meet the minimum resolution will not reproduce well and cannot be used.  Please send your submissions by the deadline of March 21 to asic@savaryisland.org along with your name, contact information, and a statement confirming you own the photo rights and, if selected, you authorize ASIC to print the photo in the ASIC calendar and on ASIC’s web site.  The calendars are expected to be available on island by the May long weekend.  Thanks for your help and support.

A Current Licence and Insurance is Mandatory for All Vehicles

The RCMP has reminded ASIC that officers will be on island during the summer months and that the law will be enforced on Savary as it is on the mainland.  They have made it clear that obtaining a current licence and insurance is mandatory for all vehicles, including golf carts and UTVs. Golf carts are legal on island but are subject to special restrictions and these limitations and conditions will be enforced by the RCMP (e.g. must have an operation permit, daylight hours only, drivers must have a driver’s licence, must have insurance).  If you are concerned about the regulations governing the use of any type of vehicle on Savary you can contact the Powell River RCMP.  The alternative is having the rules explained by the officer while he/she writes a ticket.

Woodstove Exchange Program 2020

Here is a program that could benefit a number or Savaryites. The qathet Regional District is working to replace old smoky woodstoves that contribute particulate matter into the air with cleaner burning, more efficient models. Receive up to $550 to replace your non-EPA certified woodstove. Please contact qRD’s Let’s Talk Trash team to find out more information about program requirements: 604-485-2260, info@letstalktrash.ca or visit qathet.ca to learn more. For more details, download WoodstoveExchange2020.pdf

Rats, Garbage, and Green Cones

Whether you’re on island for a couple of weeks, months, or longer, Green Cone Digesters (the device that eats all your food scraps and pet waste) are an easy and convenient method of reducing garbage, but also highly effective in reducing potential food sources for rats.  In 2018, ASIC helped get out the message that qRD had purchased a bulk order of Green Cone Digesters which were made available to Savaryites. If you didn’t get one back then you may still be in luck. They still have around 6 green cones for sale from the qRD Let’s Talk Trash team for $150 per unit. There are an additional few that have minor damage that they can sell at a discount. Contact the team at 604-485-2260 ext 308 or info@letstalktrash.ca   If we see interest from a large number of ASIC members, we will ask qRD if they might do another bulk order.

More Than Grading

Road grading isn’t scheduled until possibly May, but the pot-holes are multiplying and getting deep.  We think that some preventative work needs to be done in some areas where the pot-holes are worst.  Rain and snow meltwater on any road surface must have somewhere to drain, but there are a number of road sections throughout the island that are flat, where water just sits on the road.  The road surface in those areas has degraded into an unavoidable sea of pot-holes and small ponds.  The solution is to crown the road, and where required, create modest roadside ditches to catch the runoff so the road will remain dry and stable for a long time.   ASIC will ask MOTI if in addition to grading this spring, they can address the drainage problems as well.

Proposed Bylaw For Marine Facilities

The Savary Island Marine Advisory Committee (SIMAC) members have asked that the qathet Regional Board (qRD) consider adopting a bylaw to regulate the use of the three Savary Island marine services facilities: dock; barge site; and parking lot.

The posted rules for commercial and private use of the wharf, i.e. loading times and loading zones, are being ignored by a number of users, limiting access by resident boaters who pay the marine services tax for use of the wharf.

There is currently no legal authority for the qRD to tow boats that are abusing the facility, while boat traffic increases every year.   A bylaw would finally give the wharfinger and qRD staff legal authority to remove or impound vessels that are in violation of the rules of the wharf.

The parking lot up the hill has a number of abandoned and uninsured vehicles currently taking up almost half the parking spots.  The lot was originally purchased and developed to alleviate parking congestion in the wharf area, keeping spots close to the wharf available for day use. To enable the RCMP to ticket and/or tow unlicensed/uninsured or derelict vehicles on Regional District properties, such as the parking lot, a bylaw is required.

Indian Pt Boat Launch

The Indian Point concrete boat ramp is degrading and at some point in the near future it will need significant repairs.  There is no tenure in place, and any works done to the site without tenure would be illegal.  The days are long gone when locals could do work on the shore without approvals or permits.

The intent is that the ramp be maintained to a level that allows for emergency evacuation use as an alternative to the wharf and barge ramp.  No expansion to the ramp or parking area is planned.

SIMAC believes qRD should be responsible for the site and has asked the qRD to look into whether it could acquire tenure from the Province.   The various government bodies in charge of the water, foreshore, and road will have to be consulted.  

The boat ramp site would be a fourth component of Savary marine services.

Wharf Mooring Exclusion Zone

Following up on the concerns of ASIC members and First Responders at the 2018 AGM regarding nighttime emergency boat access to the dock, the qRD has contacted the Canadian Hydrographic Service (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) to get authorization to prohibit anchorage in the area directly in front of the wharf, as it should be kept clear of moorings so that all boats have safe and clear passage to the wharf.

Volunteer Opening On SIMAC

The qathet Regional District (qRD) is seeking one new member for a vacancy on the Savary Island Marine Advisory Committee (SIMAC).  SIMAC advises the Regional Board on marine services management and development, such as the topics reviewed above.  To be a committee member you must own property on Savary Island, be 18 years of age or older, live within the qRD boundaries, and be available to attend regular meetings.

Act quickly if you are interested because the deadline for applications is 4PM Friday January 31, 2020.

For more details go the the qRD website www.powellriverrd.bc.ca/inside-the-prrd/employment-and-bid-opportunities/ or download the flyer here: SIMAC Volunteer 2020.pdf

Lund Parking, Community Hall, and Pedestrian/Bike Corridor

The 3 new ASIC sub-committees that were formed after the AGM have all officially met and discussed their ideas. Each sub-committee has a lot of work to do and we will report on specific plans and goals as they come up.

Opportunities for grant funding will be explored by the sub-committees for the community hall and pedestrian/bike corridor, so they’ll be looking to our local government for advice.

Please drop us a line if you have any thoughts or ideas on these projects. You never know where an idea will lead.