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Inlet Raider Deliveries at Indian Point – Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC)

Inlet Raider Deliveries at Indian Point

The Inlet Raider delivered a large truck load of building material to the Indian Point boat launch on July 27th. The next day a property owner at Indian Point inspected the beach area and found significant damage, scouring a deep , 40 inch hole as a result of prop wash. Photographic evidence was taken of the foreshore area. ASIC filed a complaint with the BC Ministry of Forests as the beach area is Crown Land and the site is not authorized for commercial use. We also filed a report with the DFO about the potential beach damage. A letter was also sent to Coastal Sea Trucking, owners of the Inlet Raider, and provided them with photographic evidence of the damage.

A second  delivery occurred on August 10th, but we had a 14 foot tide and no further damage was observed. We have not received a response from either the Ministry of Forests or DFO as of today.We will continue to follow up on these unauthorized landings.