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Transitions & Lessons Learned – Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC)

Transitions & Lessons Learned

This will be the final newsletter from this current Board. While we did not achieve as many concrete things as we had hoped to over our two year term, we are pleased that we stuck with it and we look forward to supporting the next Board as we work through the transition over the coming few weeks.

We kept ASIC alive and kickin’ over the last few years, during a pandemic and with a very small Board (and without any real representation at the regional district level). We focused on building relationships with other on-island organizations and finding our overlapping themes, and increasing awareness of the diverse needs of the changing population base (both owners and visitors) with those who would listen. We focused on education for our membership and we also learned a lot about the increasingly polarized views of islanders where a one-size-fits all approach just doesn’t cut it! We have sincerely appreciated all the phone calls, emails and chats in person on island.

We’ve also found it important to focus not only on what islanders want, but what the island itself needs – in terms of the environmental sensitivity that is at the foundation of many of our common issues (over-use, poor conditions of roads and trails, and a lack of resources and education for visitors who come to explore and have no way to leave a small footprint). The future of Savary must include some balance between tourism and protection of the ecologically sensitive environment of the island, and that can only be done in concert with agencies, organizations and individuals who support tourism within this region. We have also stood firm in our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation, which we firmly belive is another foundational component to the future success of this island.  #thenamematters

Ultimately we believe that ASIC needs to continue to find new ways to increase and diversify their membership base and deepen membership engagement across all parts of the island There is a real opportunity to ensure that all new owners and residents are fully aware of what ASIC is – and could be, and encourage the next generation of Savaryites to get more involved in imagining what they want this place to be for the longer term. While our membership numbers are impressive (approximately 950 total) we know that still means  ASIC only represents a portion of the voices of the island. Looking at new models of organizing and collaboration with other island groups will likely be an important path forward.

Thank you to all who have shared kind words of encouragement along the way, and equal thanks to those who have held us accountable to do more/better. We wish the new Board a lot of wisdom, patience and kindness as they take over and carry ASIC forward into the future.

cheh-cheh-hah-thech (thank you, in the Tla’amin language!)
Your ASIC Directors,
Lisa, Lenore, Jennifer and Larry