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Safe & Secure for the Winter? – Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC)

Safe & Secure for the Winter?

Not to sound like your mother, but let’s be honest your mother was usually right! This is a reminder that if you have beach toys, kayaks, paddles, traps, floats, or other equipment that you think might be safe to leave on the beach for the winter – please think again. Ensure these items are properly secured and ideally – back at your cabin. The record winds, high tides and epic erosion of last winter has taught us that you cannot trust that your things will be safe up on the logs, or tucked up in trees or sandbanks, even if well above the normal high tide line. Not only will you find your things damaged or missing upon your return, but this also creates a ton of unnecessary garbage and junk in our oceans and on the beach. Let’s all do our part