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New Resource for (New) Drivers on Savary – Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC)

New Resource for (New) Drivers on Savary

In partnership with SILT and SIPOA, and thanks to an initial seed of an idea planted by Lund Water Taxi, ASIC has collaborated on a new resource tool for drivers who are barging on to the island. While this is mainly directed at those who are driving on Savary for the first time, it will also be a helpful reminder for all. Our roads and our island aren’t built for increased traffic and while we are seeing ever-increasing numbers of people coming to the island (and many barge over to their properties) that doesn’t mean we can’t collectively work to minimize our impact. A digital copy will be made available soon right HERE, and copies will be handed out on the barge  and posted in key spots on island. Please take a look!  Thank you to the volunteers who put in many hours to design and create this to help support a healthy co-existence between cars, bikers, pedestrians and the environment.