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In Case Of Emergency – Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC)

In Case Of Emergency

As we approach the busy season on Savary, especially due to the recent increase of new owners, renters and day trippers, we wanted to highlight the basics of emergency evacuation information in case of a natural or person-made disaster.  ASIC has requested colour copies of the emergency evacuation materials through the qRD so that we can distribute these in public locations and have them for people to keep in their cabins for easy reference. This information is already available online and we encourage you to print this out and have it visible in your cabin – especially if you rent to others. Those new to the island may not be aware of the extremely precarious nature of the island’s ecosystem, nor the basics and complexity of a emergency response due to our remote location. Here is the Savary Island Evacuation Plan. Read it over and think about making your own plan of preparedness. ASIC will be working with the SIVFD to identify potential gaps in this plan, and how we can work together to encourage the qRD to attend to this in the future.