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Gone Gone Gone (Gone) – Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC)

Gone Gone Gone (Gone)

As some of you already know, MoTI worked with the local RCMP to give notice to move and/or insure 24 vehicles that were located near the wharf and then towed 4 of them off island earlier in March. This was the first step that kicks of a process that Savaryites have been requesting for years to help deal with the lack of space to park and the narrowing of roadways down by the wharf which hampers the access for all, including emergency response vehicles. It is not an issue of being unsightly and inconvenient – it has become unsafe.

ASIC has been told that there will be another wave of towing to occur in April, although we do not have specific dates. To that end, ensure your on-island vehicle is insured if it is parked on a roadway (the remote access island insurance is a great value!) and please don’t leave your vehicle unattended for long periods of time down by the wharf. Make a plan when you leave island for more than a day trip so that your convenience isn’t at the expense of others who also need to park for their day to day business or day trips to Powell River. There is ample parking at the top of the hill or at your own property for those longer trips. Request a friend carpool you down to the wharf or hire the land taxi for those times you’re leaving island for a longer trip. We all have to do our part. ASIC would like to thank all those who have been working with us, and by themselves, to highlight this issue. These are only first steps but this action will hopefully encourage people to adjust their behaviours.