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F/U On Let’s Talk Land Use – Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC)

F/U On Let’s Talk Land Use

Many of you shared your thoughts and concerns with the Regional District late last year as part of the Let’s Talk Land Use project. ASIC has received substantial feedback about this project from members with a diverse array of opinions. There is no one solution for how to balance the unique flavor and independence of the island that many people love and want to retain with a continually growing population of owners and visitors, but one thing is for sure – you feel strongly! ASIC wants to ensure you have the most up to date information about where the project is heading next as the information collected during the project will certainly influence future work on an Official Community Plan. As mentioned in previous updates, Savary is overdue for a new or renewed plan and it is up next in the planning cycle of the Regional District, with work meant to begin in 2023. Earlier in March, the Regional District’s Planning Committee considered the Let’s Talk Land Use Public Engagement FInal Report and adopted a resolution recommending the Board accept the report to guide and inform future planning initiatives in Electoral A (that’s us!), B and C. This report is available here on their website and is worthwhile reading to understand how the Regional District has summarized the viewpoints shared, especially around Savary.