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Uniting Our Voices to Get Things Done – Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC)

Uniting Our Voices to Get Things Done

As mentioned in previous updates, ASIC continues to work with SIPOA, SILT and the SIVFD to align on key projects and improvements for the island after receiving ample feedback from the qRD and other stakeholders that the island’s needs and requests are often fragmented and coming in to them in haphazard ways, diminishing our effectiveness. Without a strong Regional District Rep who is supporting our needs at the table at the qRD it is even more critical we work together. Issues we continue to focus on together include – derelict vehicles, the impacts of increased traffic on island (including the request for an updated traffic survey), the need for public washrooms, and the possibility for new approaches to moving people around island (activity corridors, how to encourage fewer vehicles overall while still supporting the needs of those living and visiting the island).

Volunteers working with ASIC and SIPOA continue to push ahead on the derelict/abandoned vehicle issue. We continue to work with the RCMP and the Ministry of Transportaion and Infrastructure to assess options for removal, with the focus on vehicles in the neighbourhood of the dock where they pose safety issues for the SIVFD (due to lack of proper access) and take up valuable parking spots for those who are actively on island. This is far from a done deal but thanks to a few diligent volunteers there is a continued push to keep momentum going.