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Onward – Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC)


We are currently following up with MoTI Area Manager Rino Parise, who is responsible for organizing the twice-annual road maintenance for Savary. The 2020 fall maintenance did not occur, leading to Savary roads deteriorating significantly over winter, and becoming almost impassable. Rino has guaranteed that the 2021 fall maintenance will go ahead, stating that a grader will be on island by mid-October. We will follow up and let members know once confirmed.

Patrick Brabazon continues to ignore all emails and calls from ASIC Directors, and also now from our members (based on member feedback to us in the last two weeks). Please let us know if you do hear from him, and cc if you communicate with him about specific issues. This helps us track data for future usage.

In November, the Regional District will be hosting public engagement sessions to explore land use and development regulatory options with residents of Electoral Areas A, B and C. Savary Island is in Electoral Area A. The engagement process will provide a “temperature check” on community support for different regulatory options. The process will be well publicized, with several opportunities in person and online for providing feedback. We encourage Savary Islanders to participate, as this is timely, in advance of the 2023 update of Savary’s Official Community Plan (OCP), as well as Regional District elections next fall, 2022.

ASIC Directors will be meeting to review the AGM and set the course for the year ahead. We expect to focus on 1-2 key projects to ensure we gain some forward movement in a focused way.

Thanks to all of you for your input and ideas so far, and we are always interested in having conversations with you either in person on island or by phone or email, so you can reach out any time to