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Fire Extinguishers and Your Safety – Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC)

Fire Extinguishers and Your Safety

The ASIC Public Safety Subcommittee wants to let you know about an upcoming important event put on by the SIVFD this August.  On the weekend of August 8/9 2020, Wicks Fire Safety will be on island to service fire extinguishers at the main fire hall (Saturday) and Malaspina Promenade (Sunday).

There have been a number of fires over the years that have been stopped from spreading by the use of personal fire extinguishers. Most fires were in generator sheds, others in kitchens, and a few more with propane-fired devices like water heaters and lights. Those fires were stopped by quick action and nearby extinguishers.

Check your extinguishers to make sure they are up to date. If not, John Wick (his real name) will take care of you.  Prices for maintenance and new extinguishers will be similar to previous years.  Contact SIVFD Fire Chief Chris Philpott if you have any questions: