Proposed Bylaw For Marine Facilities

The Savary Island Marine Advisory Committee (SIMAC) members have asked that the qathet Regional Board (qRD) consider adopting a bylaw to regulate the use of the three Savary Island marine services facilities: dock; barge site; and parking lot.

The posted rules for commercial and private use of the wharf, i.e. loading times and loading zones, are being ignored by a number of users, limiting access by resident boaters who pay the marine services tax for use of the wharf.

There is currently no legal authority for the qRD to tow boats that are abusing the facility, while boat traffic increases every year.   A bylaw would finally give the wharfinger and qRD staff legal authority to remove or impound vessels that are in violation of the rules of the wharf.

The parking lot up the hill has a number of abandoned and uninsured vehicles currently taking up almost half the parking spots.  The lot was originally purchased and developed to alleviate parking congestion in the wharf area, keeping spots close to the wharf available for day use. To enable the RCMP to ticket and/or tow unlicensed/uninsured or derelict vehicles on Regional District properties, such as the parking lot, a bylaw is required.