Roadside Brushing and Fall Grading

CapHwys sent over a brushing mower last week to begin work improving sight lines on all the main roads to and including Indian Point. The roadside vegetation has been left to overgrow into the roadways through the decades, making the roads narrower, and importantly, causing a multitude of blind spots for drivers. MOTI’s intention is to brush the roadside for sight lines and safety, without having to brush to the full maintenance specification, where it’s not necessary. Danger trees on the roadside (identified by residents) are being dealt with by MOTI, as best they can with their limited funding.

MOTI came to the island to look at what needs to be graded this fall. The new gravel has helped the roads hold up better than before, but the heavy rains we’ve had over the last month are creating pot-holes in a number of areas where the roads aren’t draining properly. The fall grading will hopefully fix the main roads so they hold up better though the winter.