Outdoor Fire Bylaw Details

The proposed changes to the Savary Island fire bylaw will allow everyone to better anticipate burning restrictions, as well as reduce the risk of wildfire in the hot dry peak of summer. Here are some of the key revisions:
• A maximum penalty of $2,000 for violating any provision in the bylaw.
• Burn piles (i.e. backyard burns, contractor burns) will be prohibited during the months of June, July, August, and September.
• Campfires will be prohibited during the months of July, August, and September.
• Fire Chief can announce prohibitions at any other time of year if necessary.
• Fire Chief can prohibit high-risk activities if conditions warrant it. High-risk activities are clearly identified in the proposed bylaw.

It is hoped that this bylaw will reduce the fire callouts that still occur every summer on Savary. These 9-1-1 callouts require that the SIVFD attend and extinguish outdoor fires, incur costs to the department, and put the island at risk of costly and potentially dangerous wildfires. Download the draft bylaw here: Draft Fire Bylaw.pdf

The current draft of the bylaw has gone to the qRD’s Committee of the Whole and passed the first stage of approvals. It will now go to the Regional Board on May 23. There is an opportunity for the public to ask questions or voice concerns before it goes to the Minister’s office for final approval. Contact Ryan Thoms, qRD Manager of Emergency Services at RThoms@qathet.ca or 604-485-2260.