Help! Beach Cleanup This Sunday

The Great Savary Beach Cleanup needs your help on Sunday May 19 2019. If you can’t help on Sunday, eight volunteers are needed on Tuesday May 21 for one hour at the barge ramp to load all the materials onto the barge.

The cleanup is only a few days away and there aren’t enough people signing up yet. Bring your kids and your friends to help continue the success of this important recycling event. There’s plastic and styrofoam everywhere on Savary’s 18km (11 miles) of beaches, so much that it’s being found in oysters and other marine life.

What you can do:

  • Register with Ruth White.
  • Get on a Remote Beach Crew (cell phone required). Heroes required for the Sutherland Beach stairs.
  • Don’t want to clean the beach? Get on a Sorting Crew to help separate materials at the barge ramp.
  • Bring work gloves and knife (for cutting rope).
  • Got a Boat? Remote beach pick up is needed.
  • Got a Pickup? We need trucks to deliver materials to the barge ramp.
  • Meet at the Main Fire Hall 10:00AM Sunday (mid-island), where we allocate teams to needed areas, coordinate marine pick up locations & provide general program information.Something new this year is some items (e.g. plastic barrels, rope, trays) will be pulled aside and available for re-use by the volunteers and the general public. This “up-cycling” will help reduce the amount of materials that have to go off island. The access will be controlled so call Ruth or Paul to find out when this will happen.

    Registration and Information: 

  • Ruth White (volunteer coordinator) 604-483-6627 or
  • Paul Leighton (logistical coordinator) 604-483-6987, Facebook @savarysolutions or email savarysolutions@gmail.comNOTE: This program does not accept anything that is obviously not from the beach, such as personal household garbage, compost, wood or metal. It will not be picked up by the volunteer crews.