Deadline for AGM Motions is 3pm Friday June 14, 2019. No extensions

ASIC members may submit a written Motion that proposes an action by the ASIC Board. The Motion will be circulated to members in the June Update so that members have a chance to think on the issue before the Motion is discussed at the AGM.

If you submit a Motion to ASIC, you will be required to read it aloud at the AGM in the words you had submitted, so that the meaning remains as submitted. The Motion may be amended at the AGM by a vote of members. Votes will be decided by a show of hands holding membership cards.

Motions are not accepted from non-members. For details on how to become an ASIC member, see the “Membership” item at the bottom of this Update.

ASIC members may email a Motion to by 3pm Friday June 14. Please note that mailed (Canada Post) Motions will be accepted only until this same deadline, regardless of when the Motion was mailed.