A Ton of Gravel. Actually, 5,000 Tonnes.

On the morning of March 18 we were told by MOTI they had approval to bring gravel to Savary. A lot of gravel. As the week progressed we were informed that heavy equipment was being barged over to lay that gravel on Savary’s main road from the wharf to Indian Point. By March 26 the gravel showed up on a very, very big barge and they starting unloading it onto the shore at the barge ramp early that morning. They came back a couple of days later with more. It was a mountain. Everybody on island saw the continuous convoy of dump trucks going back and forth for about 8 days. And by Friday April 5 they were gone.

This gravel event was a complete surprise to everybody, including MOTI staff. We don’t know yet how it was decided that Savary should get this gravel. We can only assume that the years of constant pressure from various ASIC Boards, its membership, the general public, the qRD and the SIVFD, finally made a difference. So thanks, and a hat tip to all.

The gravel they brought over is good gravel, not limestone. It’s around the same hardness as some types of granite, so it won’t be ground into powdery dust anytime soon. We should see improvements on a number of the problems we’ve faced for the last 20 years: far fewer pot-holes, better drainage, less airborne dust. It means we should have better roads and safer access for emergency vehicles. The new gravel will make it possible for better maintenance because the grader will no longer be pushing around mud and sand.

The last we heard from MOTI is that we can still expect spring road maintenance. That includes some grading, some roadside brushing to improve sight lines for safety, and dust control before summer.