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Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC) – Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC)

Savary Island Survey Link – 386 Responses and Counting

Thank you so much to the 386 responses we have had to date, of which over 90% are Savary Island property owners. We plan to keep the survey live until the end of day on Sunday, September 24th.

The Visitor Stewardship Advisory Committee (VSAC) of the Association of the Savary Island Committee (ASIC) invites you to participate in a community wide survey to better understand property owner and visitor experience and use of Savary and to prioritize concerns stemming from growth over the last several years. ASIC continues to emphasize data gathering and fact based research as an effective tool to advocate for more resources for Savary Island.

The survey takes about ten minutes and can be completed on a computer or phone. You are responding anonymously; no identifiable information is being tracked. We look forward to receiving your responses!

For questions about the survey, please contact Joan Vollans, ASIC Director at

Thank you for participating!

Follow this link to the Survey:

Traffic Counter Update

The first phase of our traffic counter update is now complete. The counter collected data in three locations – Wharf Hill, Propane Corner, and Indian Point. These were the same locations that were surveyed in 2014 and will provide us with the capability to complete a comparative analysis of vehicle usage over the last decade. The counter will be deployed again between September 22 and October 1st at the same locations. At that time we will return the counter to the City of Powell River to have results compiled and data certified.

The Traffic counter utilized a two cord system , separated by three feet. This allows speed to be measured as well. This was not the focus of the original study, but we will share the results. Thanks to Glen Moore and Steve Lackey for assisting in the project.

Roads Committee Update

The Roads Committee is primarily focused on road dust and its impact on heath and safety.  It is a real and growing health hazard and needs to be addressed through effective dust control measures.  In the meantime, look in your rear view mirror and if you’re leaving a dust trail, please slow down.

Governance Committee

We are in the process of forming a Governance Committee. The primary focus of this committee will be to work with all levels of Government and Government Services, primarily the qRD and MOTI,  to ensure our tax dollars are being allocated and utilized fairly for the benefit of Savary Island. If you are interested in being involved please contact Doug Dalzell , or email to:

Inlet Raider Deliveries at Indian Point

The Inlet Raider delivered a large truck load of building material to the Indian Point boat launch on July 27th. The next day a property owner at Indian Point inspected the beach area and found significant damage, scouring a deep , 40 inch hole as a result of prop wash. Photographic evidence was taken of the foreshore area. ASIC filed a complaint with the BC Ministry of Forests as the beach area is Crown Land and the site is not authorized for commercial use. We also filed a report with the DFO about the potential beach damage. A letter was also sent to Coastal Sea Trucking, owners of the Inlet Raider, and provided them with photographic evidence of the damage.

A second  delivery occurred on August 10th, but we had a 14 foot tide and no further damage was observed. We have not received a response from either the Ministry of Forests or DFO as of today.We will continue to follow up on these unauthorized landings.

AGM 2023 Update

Apologies for the late publication – we have been busy enjoying a beautiful Savary summer and precious beach time!
Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in our AGM on July 8th. Over the month of August we will be working on our first deliverables stemming from our commitment to data gathering in advance of the OCP review in September. Updates on what we are doing to study vehicle and visitor usage are outlined in this newsletter. Your input and participation is critical.
We have received some volunteer interest from a person wishing to join the board to represent Area B. Hope to have the details finalized and available this week.

RCMP Presence – August long weekend

The RCMP will be arriving on island on Friday, August 4th and will be here until the end of day Monday, August 7th. It is important that we report any incidents at any time where you feel you are the victim of a crime. Incident reports is a key data point for the RCMP in allocating annual budgets and resources. Right now Savary is considered a “crime free” area since there are no reports of crime or wrong doing.